What To Do With Your Nails

Before I dive in, I want to bring some attention to this Beauty Relief Fund, started by the beauty concierge app, Bonnti. You can apply and donate at this link. In addition, the While At Home initiative just launched and it has resources, tips, volunteer opps and more. Check it out.

In a world that is taking hits every day as new COVID-19 developments mount, it seems that nails should be the least of our worries. Up until a few weeks ago, a trip to the nail salon was part of a self care routine that kept some of us afloat.

“Although my life is currently in shambles, at least my nails are done,” is a phrase I’ve uttered many times.

Seeing your nail tech, a dependable friend, an independent third party, to talk about the current fuck boy you’re “dating,” or the recipe you just tried, or to ask silly questions out loud without judgement, can uplift your entire week. It’s an informal form of therapy. For some, the moment to sit in a chair, and stare out the window while a talented professional tends to their hands can make most things right in the world, at least for that hour or two.

In my last post, I mentioned that I hoped nail techs, who are out of jobs, start to design press-ons. Since then, so many of you have sent me tips (get it? nail pun!) on what you’re seeing and also support nail techs during this time.

This is a Substack “thread.” So take a scroll, and feel free to comment with anything else you’re seeing.


  • A list of small business relief funds.

  • On GoFundMe, there are a ton of relief funds for specific salons or cities. Look for yours, even if you never get your nails done. This link shows results from me searching “nail relief.”

  • Check in with your nail tech or local salon. Donate to them directly.


🔺First of all: a *ton* of cool press-on nails via Etsy


March 22, 2020

🔺@iamnailgyptian [DM to purchase + instructions on how to apply press-ons in her Highlights.]

Honey Sister Girl ✨
Nails @iamnailgyptian
Thinking about doing an exclusive offer for 3-d nail sets until March 31st. Dm for serious inquiries only!!!

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March 25, 2020



February 27, 2020


90s babiessss where y’all at?! We finally turning 30!!!
Order your handpainted birthday nails today!!
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March 22, 2020


'So Abstract' in Medium Stiletto

Navidad Red, Nude Veil and Black all from @thegel_ny
March 18, 2020


🔺Color Camp has a sale on gel nail packages for the future, in order to support their staff right now.


🔺1 minute video on how to remove gels at home from @katalinadoesnails.

🔺 Olive & June has a daily mani bootcamp via IGtv.


🔺Personally, I like to use Beneath Your Mask’s Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm on my cuticles.

🔺Cheat Sheet Stick-on nails by Ciaté London.

🔺Cuticle Protection and Repair Pens by Deborah Lippmann.

🔺Peel-off Polish.

🔺Static Nails has been out here for a while with the press-ons.

Alissa Ashley just dropped an [updated] DIY nails at home video.